Intel SSDPE21K375GA01 internal solid state drive U.2 375 GB PCI Express 3.0 3D XPoint NVMe

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Intel SSDPE21K375GA01. SSD capacity: 375 GB, SSD form factor: U.2, Read speed: 2400 MB/s, Write speed: 2000 MB/s, Component for: Server/workstation
Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection
Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection prepares the SSD for unexpected system power loss by minimizing data in transition in temporary buffers, and uses on-board power-loss protection capacitance to provide enough energy for the SSD firmware to move data from the transfer buffer and other temporary buffers to the NAND, thus protecting system and user data.

Intel® Rapid Start Technology
Intel® Rapid Start Technology allows quick system resumes from the hibernate state.

Hardware Encryption
Hardware encryption is data encryption done at the drive level. This is used to ensure that the data stored on the drive is secured from unwanted intrusion.

End-to-End Data Protection
End-to-End Data Protection ensures integrity of stored data from the computer to the SSD and back.

Temperature Monitoring and Logging
Temperature Monitoring and Logging uses an internal temperature sensor to monitor and log airflow and device internal temperature. The logged results can be accessed using the SMART command.

Intel® Smart Response Technology
Intel® Smart Response Technology combines the fast performance of a small solid state drive with the large capacity of a hard disk drive.

High Endurance Technology (HET)
High Endurance Technology (HET) in SSD's combines Intel® NAND Flash Memory silicon enhancements and SSD system management techniques to help extend the endurance of the SSD. Endurance is defined as the amount of data that can be written to an SSD during its lifetime.

Intel® Remote Secure Erase
Intel® Remote Secure Erase provides IT administrators a secure method for remotely wiping an Intel SSD from a familiar management console when retiring or repurposing a system. This allows for immediate re-use while saving administrative time and costs.

Product Specifics

Model SSDPE21K375GA01
SSD Form Factor U.2
SSD Capacity 375 GB
Interface PCI Express 3.0
Memory Type 3D XPoint
Component For Server/workstation
Hardware Encryption Y
Security Algorithms 256-bit AES
Read Speed 2400 MB/s
Write Speed 2000 MB/s
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 2000000 h
PCI Express Interface Data Lanes x4
Product Color Black
Operating Shock 1000 G
Operating Temperature (T-T) 0 - 70 °C
Non-operating Vibration 3.13 G
Non-operating Shock 1000 G
Power Consumption (idle) 5 W
Power Consumption (average) 18 W
Processor Family Intel Optane DC SSD
Intel Smart Response Technology N
Intel Smart Response Technology Version 0.00
Power Consumption (active) 18 W
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Operating Vibration 2.17 G
Launch Date Q3'17
Intel High Endurance Technology (HET) Y
Intel Rapid Start Technology N
Intel Remote Secure Erase N
Intel Optane Y
Random Read (100% Span) 550000 IOPS
Random Write (100% Span) 500000 IOPS
End-to-End Data Protection Y
Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection Technology Y
SSD Temperature Monitoring Y
Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER) < 1 per 10^17 bits read
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 5A992C
Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) G149950
Read Latency 10 µs
Write Latency 10 µs
SSD ARK ID 97161
Market Segment Server
SSD Usage Tag Data center
Temperature Monitoring And Logging Y
Operating / Non-operating Shock 1000 G/0.5 msec, half sine
SSD Endurance Rating 20.5 PBW (30DWPD), 41.0 PBW (60DWPD)
SSD Shock 1000 G/0.5 msec, half sine
Sequential Reading 2400 MB/s
Sequential Writing Speed 2000 MB/s
Status Launched
Target Market Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing
Drive Capacity 375 GB
Product Brief URL
SSD Hardware Encryption AES 256 bit
SSD Power Consumption (active) 18 W
SSD Power Consumption (idle) 5 W
Last Change 63903513
Intel Rapid Start Technology Version 0.00
Remote Secure Erase (RSE) Technology Version 0.00
Product Family Data center SSD
Product Series Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X Series
Product Codename Cold Stream
More Information
Length15 in
Width12 in
Height3.591 in
Product IDSSDPE21K375GA01
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